AT Series -Boning knife (Honesuki)


正本総本店 洋包丁 ATシリーズ 骨透 145 mm

Masamoto’s practical selections of Western knives,
AT Boning knife (Honesuki)

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AT series is made of high-carbon stainless steel with added Molybdenum and Vanadium.
The blade is extremely sharp with great rust resistance and hardness.

The design of AT series knives is identical to the VG series.

The similar boning knives called Garasuki are also available to order.

• Material: High-carbon stainless steel with molybdenum and vanadium
• Blade: Double-edged
• Handle: Pakker with stainless bolster. Durable and bacteria resistant.
• Level: All
• Feature: Right Handed
• Saya: Not icluded


For Left-handers: Left-handed knives are available but need re-sharpening. Please let us know when placing an order.
Saya covers: A saya is not included in this order. Please order a saya separately.
Shipping:  We dispatch Western knives (VG series and AT series knives) from the UK now. For other items, if you would like to make sure, please email us before placing an order.

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