Hongasumi Damascus_Yanagi knife


本霞 玉青鋼誂 柳刃刺身

Traditional Japanese knife for professional chefs
– Hongasumi 8 layered Damascus Yanagiba knife

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Masamoto Hongasumi Damascus knives are made of high carbon blue steel.
They have beautiful 8-layered wavy patterns on the blade. The knife is entirely handmade and finished.

The blades from 210mm to 360mm are available to order.

  • Material: High carbon blue steel; non-stainless
  • Blade: Single-edged
  • Handle: Magnolia wood with a water buffalo horn bolster
  • Level: All level
  • Feature: Right Handed
  • Saya: Not included


Saya covers: A saya is not included in this order. Please order separately from the Other page.
For Left-handers: Left-handed Japanese knives are available to special order. The price will be about 50% over that of the corresponding right-handed knife and delivery will take an extra 3 – 4 weeks.
Shipping: This knife is normally shipped from Japan. Please note that when it is shipped from Japan, import duties or other taxes may apply.

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Blade length

10.5″ (270mm), 11.8″ (300mm)


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