Masamoto Product Lines

Honyaki – Their ighest-quality hand-made knives. Suitable only for professional chefs.
White carbon steel #1 and #2
Honyaki knife made in this steel has a sharp edge. It is brittle and prone to chipping and difficult to sharpen.
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Blue carbon steel #2
The blade of Blue steel is less brittle than white steel. It has higher wear resistance and longer edge retentions. The blade is beautifully hand-polished like a mirror.
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Hongasumi – High-grade of Kasumi knives
Blue carbon steel #2 
Hongasumi blue knives are made of highly refined blue carbon steel #2 and soft iron forged together. The carbon steel forms the cutting edge, and the soft iron forms the blade’s body and spine.  The back of the blade is engraved with “青鋼”(Blue steel). Blue steel of chromium and tungsten added to white steel gives higher wear resistance and longer edge holding.
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White carbon steel #2
Hongasumi are made using more work processes (such as much longer hammering processes) and require higher-skilled craftsmen than Kasumi knives.

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Damascus Layered steel (“Hasso-uchi” )
The layered knives are made in refined Blue carbon steel #2 and soft iron steel. The special forge, welding, and hammering processes create beautiful wavy patterns on the blades. “Hasso” literally means “eight layered”, and “uchi” means hammering in Japanese.
See the product: Hongasumi Damascus Blue Yanagi

Kasumi White steel #2
Kasumi knives are handcrafted, using a combination of white carbon steel #2 and soft iron. White steel is a form of pure carbon steel that provides the user with the sharpest cutting edge. Kasumi knives are more affordable than hongasumi, making them ideal for traditional knife beginners.
See the product:  Kasumi Yanagi

Japanese VG-10 Stainless
VG-10 steel yanagiba sashimi knives with a traditional Magnolia handle and a water buffalo horn bolster. VG-10 steel is a extremely hard and corrosion-resistant blade, so it can retain an edge for longer than carbon knives.
See the product:  VG10 Yanagi

Western-style Chef Knives
VG Series – Most popular chef knives
Steel: Stainless steel Hyper-Molybdenum-Vanadium
Blade: Double-edged
Handle: Duracon with stainless bolster
See the product:  VG Gyuto

AT Series – More practical Western line
Steel: Stainless steel Hyper-Molybdenum-Vanadium
Blade: Double-edged
Handle: Pakker wood with stainless bolsterThe design of the AT series is identical to the VG series. The slight difference is the carbon content, which makes this series more affordable, but only a small sacrifice in edge retention.
See the product: AT Gyuto

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